Monday, February 1, 2010

Maiden Voyage

From "Jerry Springer: Undressed, Unleashed, Uncensored!: Vol. 3" She also loves Twilight!
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Wow- Rambo angels! I can only imagine the accents. I wonder if Legion is making them happy, now?

A review most definitely not from a studio shill. Definitely.

TL;DR? I'll sum up this Jeff Dunham review for you: "I am the devil, and this is what awaits you in hell."

This really speaks for itself, except... what do you have to do, in todays' pagan world, to get 5 stars out of this person?


  1. How do you get 5 stars out of them? Larry The Cable guy and Jeff Dunham star as Rambo Angels in "Armageddon: Git R Done"!

  2. Philemon- I will greenlight that NOW NOW NOW!!!