Friday, February 19, 2010

Bedazzled Aliens Murder Bill Murray's Ghost Baby

Ghost raping based on a true story... but yeah, the weird part when her son has more cajones than her boyfriend.

You... do know Bill Murray is still alive and making movies, right?


Sometimes I feel that there are reviewers that just want to mess with peoples heads. Maybe she's punishing whoever would want to rent these movies, so she injects a migraine into their skulls via the typed word.

Need more evidence?

I TOLD YOU!! Ha. Ha! I told you all...

"If This Person Was A Filmmaker: In Four Images" Presents 21:

"I want to get into this collage."

"Dazzle me. I mean- dazzel me ???"



Diddnt see that commin!


  1. Their reviews might inject migraines, but your blog injects smiles.

    Sweet ...sweet... smiles... :P

  2. What was that? I was distracted by sparkly Taylor Swifty guitars and ponies and didn't catch any of it.

    Except this: the ghost rapist probably has moved on by now. I mean, no offense to older women intended, but Barbara Hershey's in her 60's, and the real life woman who got real life raped by a real life ghost rapist is probably even older. Those ghost rapists tend to like their victims younger in my experience.

  3. It's too bad Bill Murray wasn't still alive to play the raping ghost. Comedy gold.

    I wish Taylor Swift could sing so I wouldn't feel so creepy stalking her.

  4. Bill Murray was the raping-ghost buster!

    " invisible thing
    groping you above your bed
    who can you call?
    Peter Venkman!"

    (The tone deaf need stalkers too)