Monday, February 1, 2010

Larry the Cable Guy: Special Edition

Who cares, indeed. Grrrrrowl!

1. That's not a joke, that's a question. A question of the likes I would never even think of asking anyone- thus I have no movie. Who's the fool now, me? 2. "great as a comedy". It must be AWESOME as a baby-sitter but unsettling as a drama about race relations. 3. Yes, Lary, make more movies. Larry? Sit the fuck down.

Sorry to hear about the break-up, glad horrible and lazy "comedy"
was able to heal that wound for you, though. I like how this guy just knows how Larry will answer these situations (assuming he'd get Razzie Awards- good call). If he ever needs a new PR spokesperson, I don't think he could do much better then this fella.
We all know "the Charmin guy" handles all our feces and gas! I'm not going to argue with this person, however, they clearly take things scatological extremely seriously.

Wait... bathroom humour, but clean? Clean & healthy food? Is Larry some kind of a chef/OCD/health inspector in this film? Fascinating...


  1. I just wanna smack these people with a newspaper and take their internet away!

    Bad movie reviews deserve mockery!

    Keep doing the Lords work, Stephanie!

  2. Stop fucking your cousins....seriously.