Monday, February 15, 2010

The Super Alien Ventriloquist Bratz Final Fantasy

Because Bratz: Fashion Pixiez tell the truth, and They don't want you to know the truth. Fight them with your pink sparklez, little girl! DO NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THAT GOOD FASHIONABLE NIGHT!!

This person is breeding.

Yes- your 4-year-old being alone at the mall around people that would give cigarettes to a 4-year-old is based solely on her watching a Bratz cartoon, not anything connected with bad parenting or you being Satan, or anything.

After those Bratz reviews, I wanted to assure you guys this is still a classy and witty blog. Enjoy!

We're still waiting for those 4,997 other ones. Until then, this puppy is staying in my queue.

You don't need luck! You're 10! That's how it works when you're 10, your parents and teachers just realize you're 10 and you're a world weary and cynical 10-year-old and you've seen it all before.

Unless this meeting is gonna be based on your 10-year-old spelling grades. Then you are 10-year-old "screwed".

Jeff Dunham from hell? Isn't that redundant? *rimshot!*

(click for full-size)

A fan of Twilight that didn't know that Jacob was a werewolf.

This person is also breeding.


  1. Yeah, it's... pretty mindboggling terrifying.

  2. Gotta watch out for those growing bands of 4 year old punks hanging at the malls, what with their smokes and bad hair and bratz-inspired badass attitudes.

    That reviewer can't possibly be serious, can they?