Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Night Twisters!

Oh boy!!! Wow, if this is how much she enjoys a 1 star movie... I don't want to be anywhere near her when she sees a 5 star one.

Chase that rainbow tornado of love, babydoll!

Don't worry, then Bill Paxton came riding in on the GOOD twisters and they totally fought them and the monsters in my closet who I don't feel bad for at all and won!

I thought this review was pretty good. I did not think this review was good at all. However, this movie has a tornado at the end! Apparently! Movie marathon!!!

Remember: it's only racism if it's against your particular race or a race you don't like makes said racist remark. Only a liquored up Irish green-eyed monster would say otherwise.

That's the problem I had with this movie as well. Too glamorous.

Also, not enough Jessica Biel tush.

"He's a baaad mutha-"
"Shut your mouth!"
"I'm just talking 'bout Romeo Must Die!"
*bang bang bang!*


  1. Every movie could be improved by Jessica Biel tush. You might as well say water is made better by being wet.

  2. No Turning Back review was comedy GOLD. I am particularly impressed that he used the correct "their" after all that. LOL

  3. Where's Mr. Shyamalan when you need a Night of good twisters?

    Any movie make green-eyed Irish look drunk is suck like hell racist only thought of by raghead arib cimmals.

    It's not movies alone, everything in the world could be improved with more heiny de Jessica