Friday, February 5, 2010

A Homophobe Parade Has No Pride :(

Tow trucks don't seem so innocent anymore, now do they?

These cars want you inside of them.

Seriously, "Wild Hogs" was a modern day "Treasure of the Sierra Madre", until that fairy came sashaying about...

Also, "shoving gays down your throat"? Stop making this too easy!!

4 stars, and it WOULD have gotten a perfect score if there was no tranny. Geez, deconstruction is so simple, film school people just overthink it...

Conclusion: Not my kind of genitals= skip this movie.

Brideshead Revisited: Evelyn Waugh, brilliant actors, flawlessly directed... but you know, gays. In old-timey clothing.
I bet the makers of "American Daze" are kicking themselves right now.
"The Oscar could have been ours!! WHY did we have to put your gay cousin in that waiter role?!? Oh, yeah. He provided discount catering. He sent me a lovely thank you card for those "thanks for helping out" flowers I sent him, by the way..."
Praise God! Down with asses! We had our fill of gay CGI characters with "Cars", thankyouverymuch. Homosexuality has no place in nature, and never ever occurs in animals. Ever. Unlike cars.

Finally have a positive homosexual relationship comment! Just... ignore how completely inane this entire review is. Yes, this movie sucks, but basing it solely on how attractive you don't find Jack Black in the trailers is just... this blog is starting to give me a perma-headache.


  1. The funny (read: sad and stupid) part is that this guy probably loves lesbian porn. A lot of homophobes do. Double-standard-say-WHAT?

  2. Oh, if that Wild Hogs reviewer only knew just how filled with all these gay people their life really is. Well I suppose if it were being shoved down their throat they'd have an inkling...

    "Two gay guys hanging out" ...Best synopsis of Brideshead Revisited ever?

    Wow, we're not just homophobic, now we're tokhes-phobic. I feel bad for the butt-fearing religious right though, what a tragic loss. Please recommend this: