Thursday, February 4, 2010

This is just a salad of brains exploding. Supper's on!

BLACK and WHITE? But STILL GOOD? I simply can't fathom that, madame! *retires to the fainting couch*

Unstand it? Oh, UNDERSTAND it. Most of it? Well, since you did watch the whole thing... ok, you can go watch monster trucks, now.

Hey! Missy- we are going to need to discuss your spelling later on, alright? Now get out of here, you nut!
Hightly Reccman is a legendary underground movie/DVD reviewer. Here we see some of what made him so famous- his macabre yet enticing imagery of the guts of Don Knotts and a clone army of Eroy Jetsons (who Eroy is, we may never truly know.) Clearly one of our most layered men of letters, and one with a clear appreciation of derriere humour.

Here, we see Hightly's distress with children. Not for kids, but you like seeing babies cry? Not to mention, school girls getting done in (wickedly, even!)? I guess it's not for kids because they'll be far more disturbed by this guy cheering at innocent youth getting slaughtered than they would by the actual movie...

Good or sad? WHICH?? When while we know the times it's sad? And then good?? THE SHIP SINKS?!? *Before* the end of the movie? James Cameron... will your bending of our minds never cease???


Hightly Reccomen (formerly Reccmen), you went straight over my head yet again, you rascal!! :D

Taste Example #001: Not every person turns into a film snob post-college.


  1. Who are...these people?
    What horrible head wounds have they suffered?

    Oh well, our gain. Hilarious.
    Another fantastic batch of brilliance.

  2. Every time this person posts a Netflix review, an English teacher somewhere dies.

  3. Silent Movie...1 star. 1 star?


  4. It's so great the 80's came along to save us from all that fake comedy.