Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Tale of Hightly Reccomen: Renegade Film Reviewer

The first audio entry of the blog! Here is (part 1?) of my look into the work of Hightly Reccomen. Please feel free to click his name under this post and peruse his reviews while I discuss his influence and share some of his reviews- some posted here, and some new ones!

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You can also download the mp3 here- hightlyreccomen.mp3


  1. Have I mentioned recently that you have a fantastic voice? 'Cause you have a fantastic voice.

    I think you've really captured the essence of Mr. Reccomen with your audio renditions. Hearing it out loud really captures the rhythms of his soulful ponderings. He challenges our perceptions (and grammar) with every word, even our sexual preconceptions with his masturbatory instructions. Perhaps these aren't even reviews after all, but some kind of performance art?

    (I praise Darth Reccomen so that he won't Force choke me. Do you think it will work?)

  2. I got scared by the all caps speaking :(

    These aren't the two horny teen guys you're looking for.

  3. Jason- TOTALLY performance art, I'm just too dim to figure it out. :( Yet.

    froderick- Sorry you didn't like the podcast.

  4. Oh my, I'm afraid my sarcastic remarks were totally misunderstood!

    I enjoyed the podcast muchly my dear undead monkey, scary all caps moments and all. Sometimes being scared is a good thing, right? Like in the Sixth Sense, when that dead dude walked by the bathroom all quicklike - totally creepy but still cool, and it didn't spoil the revelation that Forest Whitaker was really dating a dude at all.

    I'm sorry my silly comments gave the impression I was anything less than entertained. Podcast on please, Jason's right about both your voice and your soulful interpretations of our favorite reviewer's typing.

    I shall enter the appropriate period of self loathing for my misguided critique.

  5. I listened to it again...and it's even awesomer. ^__^