Thursday, February 11, 2010

Short 'n' snarky (with one sweet)

What? Sorry, my brain shut down after I saw red after reading "better than the van damme one." Except...

Alright, I'm a convert. Also, I think I'm in love. Wait... holy... I think he just
knocked me up with his eyebrows!!

I think I found yours.... keep shuffling, zombies! Keep shuffling...

I sincerely wish to party with this reviewer.

Always funny, eh? This reviewer must be British.

Tee hee... in the end.

100x better than The Matrix? You go to hell for telling this to people. You go to hell and you die.

It's not often I want to give a review a hug... but this is is definitely one of those times.


  1. I thought I'd seen the height of method acting. DeNiro...Daniel Day Lewis...giants in the world of method acting.

    Then I saw Chris Klein.

    Eyebrows. Man. How do you say so much...with just eyebrows. The man is OBSESSED with his art!

  2. Chris Klein loves this job... or ANY job he can still get.

    two thousand-one-two, party over, oops, outta time!
    but tonight we're gonna party like it's 2011 and eat some brains n stuff

    Some Like it Hot, Ready to Wear, Glen or Glenda, White Chicks... much hilarity. Tony Curtis caught in the end? *shudder*

    The Matrix was okay but it was missing all those former lotions.