Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blind Leading the Blind

I TOTALLY agree! It's so nice seeing millionaire actors playing ORDINARY PEOPLE pretending and making jokes about TOILING TO MAKE LIFE WORK within RV-centric hijinks. Just like most of us do!

I always said The Rock should play Medusa, but who listens to me? Apparently this person would! Wouldn't be able to understand anything they'd say, but at least I'm not alone anymore..

Also, reviewing an unreleased film based on its trailer on Youtube? Cripes these reviewers are cutting-edge.

What if I don't like horrific romantic comedies that are neither romantic nor comedic? Talk about making me covet a little violence... (or a lot, as the case may be)

WOW, dude, lay off! :( Julianne Moore... please don't be so sensitive! You were in Boogie Nights AND The Big Lebowski. Don't let anyone push you around, red.

Yeah, Netflix should really fact-check better...

Rare, unsigned Hightly Reccomen reviews. These bad, big-boobed gals sadly did not earn his signature. Enjoy!


  1. You know Hightly can't link himself to a movie featuring revgen...which I'm guessing is some new street drug.

    Hightly just says no.

  2. On the Clash of the Titans review: How can you tell this review was written by a prepubescent girl? Simple... no periods!

    *runs and hides*

    Also, I think I instinctively started reading the Deadly Weapons review to the rhythm of "Baby Got Back." It actually works pretty well up to "2 star."

  3. If I hadn't already been looking forward to the Clash remake... WOW! I Rilly need a third installment of Scorpion King.

    Kate and Anne really were so sweet and lovable in Bride Wars, weren't they? I mean, like compared to the women on Flavor of Love or something.

    Don't forget Short Cuts! Julianne was also in Short Cuts! As I recall she was more reddish than golden, but she should still feel good about herself.

    interesting side note: The imdb Plot Keywords for Bad Reputation include "Rape With An Object" and "Used Condom" so it has that going for it as well.

    Disappointing that there's no Joan Jett in the soundtrack, so mainly it makes me want to see The Runaways now. If there's half a chance of forgetting Kristen Stewart as Bella and starting to instead associate her with Joan I'm all in. I just hope it doesn't work the other way instead.