Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Brevity Is the Soul of Blogs

I hear sweet destiny is into 69/365, if you catch my drift...


Then that movie would be called Big Black Bang Coc- nevermind.

This guy has officially put more thought into this movie than anyone that actually worked on creating it.

He's right. Turnips are gross.

I don't know, I've seen an obscene amount of obscene Santa Clauses (Clausi?) hang out in parking garages.


  1. I dugg it.

    I hear Sweet Destiny is only her stage name.

  2. Sweet Destiny is turning around 360 degrees. She may be doing it wrong.

    And of course turnips are gross... if you go squeezing all the love out of them first.

  3. You don't squeeze love out of a turnip...you hollow it out and then you...nevermind.