Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dane Cook Out

Truth is funny. Using your imagination to create stories? That's for babies, baby. Stand-up that doesn't make your internal organs explode? Go cry home to mommy!

Dane Cook: comedy for those who find no humor in comedy.

It's true- did you get the memo Corporate sent out?

That's pretty darn hot. Now I'm hot for pancakes though, I have no interest in renting this. FAIL, reviewer.

Ah, from the "you have nothing left to watch, why not this? At least it's not old and black & white or has subtitles!" school of film reviewing.

Cool + very cute= comedy! Sorry, Patton Oswalt.

It really does. So, if you're a neurosurgeon and happy in that field... maybe skip this one. Good luck, Chuck!


  1. Finally, a movie that makes me want to work at Cosco.

    ...I can't even "WTF" loud enough.

  2. Dane Cook is not funny. Why is this a hard concept for people to grasp? WHY?!?

    And the guy that said Employee of the Month was comparable to Anchorman needs to die. I'm not overreacting. Die.

    Not even Jessica Alba and penguins can make me tolerate him. I thought my love for Jessica Alba and penguins knew no bounds. I was wrong.

  3. You've written Dane's tag line. He should put it on his letterhead.

    "Dane Cook: comedy for those who find no humor in comedy."