Friday, February 19, 2010

This is why I'm hot.

No, seriously. Caution.

Nice, huh? Wait for it...


IT'S CALLED A SPOILERS TAG YOU STUPID BITC- oh, wait- you're hot? Um... you review here often? Heh. That movie looked lame anyway, I don't care that you spoiled the ending, it's cool...

Pee in the pores? As a beauty tip I find this disgusting, but she IS hot... dammit. I can't argue with that. Dammit.

I think I've uncovered the secret to becoming hot... urine! The nuns were right all along!

(Keep those sinful thoughts in check or she'll put that out in your eye- that's hot nun


  1. Awesome update!

    (If that Nun hit me with a ruler, would I have to pay her after?)

  2. It's funny how much you can get away with by being hot. But in this case, what guarantee of hotness do we have? Has her hotness been certified by an independent authority? Are we even sure it's really a HER?

    Until these things are established, we can't trust her lying (albeit hot) ass.

  3. It's cool of you to put your own reviews up here too. ^__^

  4. Urine Fetishes are HOT. That is all.

  5. Come here often, Sister?
    Meet me behind the abbey at 10 and bring your chamber pot, I've got a surprise for you.