Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Teen Sex Comedies of the DAMNED!

Young girls... the whole fixation with vampire movies- sorry, "vampier moveis"- is only helping to shove dudes towards these straight-to-video T&A fests! You need to come together, watch "Lost Boys" with each other and work the whole thing out.

Oh cool, really? 'Cause you make it sound so intereszzzzzzing.

Wha? Oh, sorry! As I was saying, you really bring the plot and characters to lifzzzzzzz

I refuse to see this or believe it, I seem to be trapped in some fugue dream state.

So... I guess the ending was spoiled? Yet somehow I still have no idea what happened? Or if you even reviewed a movie, or if this is merely a peek into an entry from some weird dream journal you keep? So... thanks?

I'm cool on imagining that, actually. I appreciate you sharing your imagination, though.

Not to mention encouraging me to commit suicide. Like Thanksgiving all over again....

So, does she mean "cutie" or Quentin Tarantino? YOU make the call!!

(It's kind of an easy call, actually- if it was Tarantino the milk maids would be called the Milk Maid Mafia and katanas would be involved, somehow- and FEET!)

I didn't get the "DR. NO SUCKS" reference, until I looked at the cast list and saw that the gorgeous Ursela Andress was in "Slave of the Cannibal God" as well. So in Hightly's mind, this-

is complete poo compared to this-

Ok I gotta admit, Ursela Undead finally doing in the Highlander would be pretty sweet. Hightly, you've done it again!!

(Big thanks yet again to Insomniac Zac for his sweet Bond girl zombie making skillz!)


  1. I feel compelled to rent this 'Slave of the Cannibal God'.

    She looks nearly She-Hulk-ish. She came out kinda Star Trek alien girl green. I must learn to do rotting flesh. Just not on Ursula.

  2. Great.

    Now all I'll be doing is looking at feet in Quentin movies.


  3. Oh yes, Lost Boys, along with Vampire's Kiss and Embrace of the Vampire, will bring the youths of each gender back to each other.
    Cry, Little Sister, with Me at the Equinox, something something

    I was actually really INTO this whole movie concept we were imagining together, but it really went into the shitter toward the end. The dénouement totally blew.

  4. ha

    The Dream Team did rule

    im scared of the day you start tearing apart my CD reviews