Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Temporary New Columnist... or Comminist??

Sorry for lack of updates, I've been downed with a migraine that just won't quit. So I'm gonna turn over the reins to Stefano Patriciano, famed (with waiter/actors, at least) entertainment magazine gossip columnist from New Jersey. I'll warn you know: his takes are longer than mine, but in his beloved breezy, dishy tone the words will just fly by your eyeballs. Take it away, Stefano!

God, don't you hate coming into movies late? Did you know in Vegas the Cirque du Soleil will HECKLE you if you come in late? I was so mortified I started screaming at the little ringleader man that sounded like 15 European accents mashed together, and had to be restrained and dragged out by Blue Men!

One ruined-suit-with-blue-paint-that-won't-come-out and one non-refunded ticket later I learned a hard lesson: don't walk around for two hours before a show drinking countless amounts of those giant margarita glasses. CLEARLY you had the same issue when watching Shaun of the Dead (I ran into Simon Pegg at a Wild Oats once, he's a big fan of ricotta cheese! Can't get into it myself.) Starting to watch a movie with "of the Dead" in the title and being startled that zombies are in it? That's like me walking into a Reese Witherspooon movie and being startled that I fell in love with love all over again!

Also, where the heck is the pun in "having a huge pole shoot straight through her"? That's NOT a pun. You're just trying to make that sexual, which offends and confuses me. Kind of like an Eli Roth movie, but with better dialouge.

I have never heard of this film before now, and I got really excited when I read the title. I thought they had already released a straight-to-DVD sequel to "2021", adding the "Supernova" kinda like when they did that reality show "Rock Star: INXS" and then "Rock Star: Supernova", with that surly Metallica bass player, sexy rotting corpse Tommy Lee and Dobey Gillis... oh, Gilby Clarke?.. who always makes me think of Val Kilmer if he was a pirate that shopped at Hot Topic, so I'm big fan of his!

It's like looking into a mirror... on Halloween, and you're dressed like Jack Sparrow.

Glad they shot a commie? Hon, the cold war is over, let it go! Hating commies is as outdated as a very recent Newport cigarette magazine ad. We've come a long way, baby! (OK, that's Virginia Slims but it's so inspirational you can apply it anywhere.)

"OMG, that club looks sooo cool!" Not pictured: the 90's, surprisingly.

Oh my God, what is wrong with you? I hope Diana Ross hears about this and takes a "wiz" on you on! (Now THAT is a pun, Shaun of the Dead reviewer! Learn from... The Wizard! Ho ho I'm on a roll! I love Fred Savage.)

THANK YOU! Critics, take a cue- it's completely fine to be adequate, bland and forgettable! If the cast is non-offensive, then that's very pleasant! I don't really get the reference to midgets- er, little people, but I'm with you for the rest of it. Imagine if all the movies you paid good money for were carefully written, acted, directed and made with a passion- you'd be exhausted! Sometimes you just need cinema cottage cheese, and by sometimes I mean 85% of the time.

Let's see this infamous Hightly Reccomen now...

Signature twice in the beginning? Alright... whit some real hot girl... prevs... what? This is a joke, right? Are all his reviews like this??

First sentence- one misspelled word but not bad! Second sentence- yes, ok, we know who you are.. Third sentence... sweet bippy, this actually feels as violent as the things it describes! The rest is... barely suppressed rage at his parents? He's so enthusiastic about the murders... alright, that's it for me!

I'm off to my good friend Cher's house. We're going to study her Oscar and figure out how to slowly turn her more and more into its image.


  1. Woo hoo, update!! The weekend was too long.
    And..uh...good job, um... Staphano.

    Sidenote: Am I the only one who has seen that Black Roses flick?

  2. Well stood in Stefano.

    I like ricotta myself (Simon and I, we're like this *fingers crossed*), but cottage cheese not so much. For mild cinema give me Brie, but I prefer a nice Gorgonzola with some kind of sweet sauce to offset it... like, say, Forgetting Sarah Marshall... or maybe one of those classic nun-peeing flicks.

    (still haven't been paid for those Newport ads, but at least they let me keep the ultra hip shirt)

  3. I love how Hightly feels compelled to make clear the fact that the kids were turned into EVIL killers. I mean, turning them into good killers would be one thing, and we could probably all look the other way while they're disemboweling someone's grandmother as long as they're being good. But EVIL killers? Well who can stand for that?